cover screening

Step 1

Resume & Cover letter screening

Yes, your resume will be read (not only by an AI)

It may comes as a surprise but, the first step of our hiring process usually starts with a resume .
So please, don’t forget the basis : name, contact informations, current job title and company, previous job titles, education.
Cover letter are not required, however if you put some effort to create one, it will be taken into account. It may be a good place to specify some distinctive element in your application.

HR screening or One-way interview

Hellooo! Is it me you're looking for ?

This is it, you passed the first screening. Now, it’s time for our first contact. Typically a phone interview or a one-way interview.
One-way interview or on-demand interview allows you to record your responses to a short list of questions. You can complete this interview at any time, according to your schedule.

phone itw

Step 2

Step 3

Behavioral interview & case interview

30 - 50 min/interview

What to expect ?
Behavioral questions help us to assess if you’ll be the right fit not only for the job, the team and ultimately if the job is right for you too.
Case Interview we believe that the best way to assess your skills without bias is through real case scenarios.

Expertise Interview

The build

Because each role we offer can require its own area of expertise, whether technical or sector-specific, our interviews are tailored to assess your expertise.
Interviews may include coding tests, product discussions with our product engineers, or coaching and agile methodology threads with our Product Owner and Scrum Master.
Our recruiter makes sure you understand what you can expect from your role and how you can best prepare for it.
expertise interview

Step 4

our founders

Step 5

Founder Interview

Meet our founders

Depending on your locations and position you’ll have a interview with at least one of our founders.
Our founders consider each employee as a key member of the company. The values of the company, the team’ s ambitions, the company’s culture are promoted by our founders.
Think of this interview as an invitation to a genuine two-way conversation.


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