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Software and digital products are major market differentiators and value creators for a increasing number of products and services.
SCF Lean Consulting experts combine left and right sides of the brain – testing, learning and experimenting, and creative thinking to deliver innovative solutions in a rigorous and focused way.
We help our clients to build the best software product and development organizations in their class to accelerate their growth.

Product Creation

Innovate and imagine the perfect product for your audience.

Product development

Grow faster & build better product with Lean and Agile process.

Business Solutions

Rethink your strategy with our business solutions.

ui/ux Design


Lean UX

WEB development

Plateform as a service

Software Development

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IT Consulting

Our process


Every company is different. To help you most effectively. We use data analysis and cognitive science to fuel innovation.


Sprint, co-creation workshop, and prototyping allow to define essential features and elements. Our engineers work on the application architecture, or software development and pilot the deployments.


Testing and learning techniques increase the speed of technology adoption and improve the product/market fit.


Create a learning system to inform and improve your strategy. Scale your results across your entire organization.

Agile flow

Grow rapidly by adopting an agile mindset. Achieve a faster time to market, better products and higher productivity with the agile methodology.


We will guide you in assessing different innovation options and strategies, aligning leaders and other key players. We help you boost your results with its technology innovation services

IT transformation

Compete in the digital world by modernizing your technology. SCF Leanconsulting takes the complexity out of installing and operating technology.