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Technology powered marketing

Digital marketing is intrinsically linked to technological developments. Martech – Marketing Technologies – help marketers to plan and execute their strategies but also to collect, analyze and improve the results of these strategies.
Martech gives companies the ability to execute and analyze their strategies at scale, in an omnichannel environment.
SCF’s teams will help you streamline and implement your company’s marketing technology such as content management, marketing automation or data and analytics platforms.

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Lean Marketing

Build your identity, increase your credibility and get to know your customers.


Create an end-to-end strategy to lead your company to its full potential .


Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

Marketing automation

Become more efficient with marketing automation by leveraging the right technologies and adapting quickly to change.
Innovation MaaS

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Data & analytics

Collect and analyze the right data at the right time with our “Data & Analytics” services.
Big Data MaaS

Content Management System

Develop and deploy your website as the core of your marketing strategy with CMS.

Experience design

Create the best customer experiences & build your identity across channels with our creative services.

Marketing technologies

Redefine your marketing ecosystem and design innovating operating models. Transform your marketing operation to be more data-faocused

Marketing engagement

Create consistent experience, enable a fist-class campaign management solution and fuel your funnel with qualified leads.

Digitally Yours

What we do

Get your IT strategy aligned with your business objectives by leveraging our digital transformation services.

Implement innovative operating models and agile methodologies to increase productivity, quality, and efficiency in your business.

Agile Company

Transform your business, foster innovation and boost profitable growth.



Create better products by combining Design, innovation and strategy.


IT Strategy

Define your strategy, build the best approach and harness sustainable change.